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In 1993, Amini went to Allameh Tabataba’i University, in Tehran, to study journalism.She brought with her a restless enthusiasm and an indefatigable drive.

As it happened, his remaining two sons were members of the Mujahideen-e Khalq, a leftist Islamic militant group that had been part of the revolutionary movement but which came to oppose clerical rule. He was alleged to have signed an order for their execution.

Amini and her sisters spun themselves a cocoon of nature and literature.

When they weren’t playing outdoors, they read, wrote stories, and painted.

She was not allowed to wear white shoes or short socks at school.

She thought the required dark hijab ugly, and she cried when she had to put it on, but her mother gently explained that this was a rule no one could disobey.

Amini and the second-oldest sister spent Thursday afternoons at a poetry circle that met at a nearby public library.

It was Amini’s first taste of literary life, and she loved it.First came internal conflict over the revolution’s spoils, and then an enormously costly war with Iraq.The Aminis, no longer able to afford the animals or the gardeners or the farmworkers in straitened times, became middle-class.She imagined that she would one day be a painter and a writer.Amini was largely shielded from the tribulations of her country, but there were some things that she would always remember.The brothers lived in Tehran and had been briefly imprisoned for taking part in revolutionary activities under the Shah.