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Their most eminent men of letters and the secretarial classes at court were well versed in Arabic as well as Persian.

But it is in Classical Persian poetry, which relies so much on tradition and cultural memory, that the strong connections with the pre-Islamic past are displayed in sundry ways: in its meter (although adjusted to Arabic), as well as its vocabulary and major themes (Elwell-Sutton, 1976, pp. It is through a diachronic study of Classical Persian poetry that we can study the import of loanwords and syntactical structures from Arabic.

Like Kurdish or Pashto, its grammar and lexicon stem from this linguistic family.

Persian vocabulary is also characterized by a large input of loanwords from Arabic.

Nevertheless the approach is suitable for an overview, for it makes it possible to discuss, however briefly, broader themes and underlying aesthetic assumptions, and to venture beyond a mere recital of dates, titles, and short biographies of major figures of Persian literature.

Another major factor in a literary survey is the diachronic dimension: tracing literary developments through succeeding generations and centuries.

In the 12th century, for example, Ḵāqāni was a great Modern Persian, which is ultimately derived from Old Iranian (Lazard, 2003, pp.

95-102), belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages.However, few studies on the identification of the characteristics of vernacular architecture and their roles in island stability have been performed.Thus, to understand the vernacular architecture of the island as a sustainable pattern, we discussed it separately in three aspects, namely, urban fabric, one-based architecture, and architectural details.This approach will be adopted here in our overview of classical Persian literature, a daunting task in itself given the range and abundance of the material on the one hand, and the need for brevity and conciseness in a survey on the other.In our study of the development of this literature over ten centuries, we will pay special attention to the early formation and origins of different literary genres in Persian works, even though the very notion of literary genres is somewhat arbitrary and a subject of continuing debate and shifting delineation (Fowler; Perkins).In general, studies showed that vernacular architecture of the island has focused on developing an orientation between the climate of the region and a good understanding of the construction.