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If Apple receives notice that the nondisclosure no longer applies, it will notify the affected customer(s) pursuant to Apple’s customer notice policies. These requests arise frequently in connection with private-party litigation in which one party seeks IP logs, purchase transaction records, or product registration records relating to an Apple customer; or requests that a customer’s account be restricted or deleted.

We have also never allowed any government direct access to Apple servers. Read Apple’s Transparency Device Requests make up the majority of requests that Apple receives.Apple receives various forms of legal process requesting information from or actions by Apple.Apple requires government and private entities to follow applicable laws and statutes when requesting customer information and data.These requests generally seek details of suspected fraudulent transactions. legal standard, and we require a search warrant for all U. Emergency Requests relate to circumstances involving imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to any person.Account Requests most commonly involve information related to a customer’s Apple account. Apple has a dedicated team available around the clock to respond to Emergency Requests globally. Account Restriction/Deletion Requests from law enforcement ask Apple to restrict or delete a customer’s account.These requests usually relate to circumstances in which an account has been used unlawfully or in violation of Apple’s Terms and Conditions.

Apple requires a court order or a letter from law enforcement certifying that a customer has been convicted based on evidence located in the customer’s account.Apple complies by obtaining a one-time copy of the customer’s Apple account and saving it for 90 days (up to 180 days if Apple receives a renewal request). Apple reports National Security Orders to the extent allowed by law.Though we would like to be more specific, by law this is the most precise information we are currently allowed to disclose.If they do, we comply by providing the narrowest possible set of data responsive to the request.If a request does not have a valid legal basis, or if we consider it to be unclear, inappropriate, or overly broad, we challenge or reject the request. We’ll continue working for greater transparency and data security protections on behalf of our customers.But this isn't just your average zip-around design — it's actually a tech case from Stow London (5) that Meghan has referred to as an "essential." Inside, there are plenty of compartments for USB cords, a passport, credit cards, headphones, and the like, and Meghan's tucked it under her arm to catch a flight on numerous occasions.