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There is no such thing as an exact, unmistakable common name.3) There is no standardization of common names.

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I want to thank Smudge, cedar trees, Indigo, campkgurl and goof_oak on the ACA message boards for helping me with this list as well as all those who have left comments allowing me to add their names.

(Now thats a very good reason for not using common names.) Remember this when you look at plant identification books.

Most authors will tell you that they have made up a number of common names just for publishing in their book.

And all those thorny guys are just plain "Cactus" -- whether they are cylindrical or flat, Yuccas, or spiny shrubs.

If you want to purchase a plant you admire, or if you want to work toward the protection of that plant, or if you want to learn more about that plant, you will need the exact, unmistakable scientific name.

You need at least to know "White Oak" or better yet, "Quercus alba". To be accepted, a scientific name must be placed on a collection sheet with the original plant (the type specimen).

The name must be published in a book, botanical journal, newspaper, magazine, or accepted web site along with a detailed description of the plant.

Yet there could be no doubt that they are deeply involved as the Harry Potter star, in a multi-coloured maxi skirt, white sweater and sandals, and Johnny were locked together in a lingering clinch outside a restaurant in Santa Monica.

And her new American boyfriend should suit her purposes well – he has a slightly risque past and even had the odd run-in with the police.

Very often that made up common name is just a rearrangement of the scientific name, for instance, the scientific name Phacelia fremontii becomes Fremont's Phacelia.6) Plants with common names always have several common names because names vary from person to person, region to region, and country to country.

Thus, using common names frequently leads to misunderstandings and arguments.7) In a number of instances, the same common name refers to several different species, not to one specific plant: There are many "Bluebells", "Paintbrush", "Goldenrod", "Daisy", "Groundsel", "Geranium", "Chickweed", "Fir", "Pine".

Johns Wort"), or refer to a plants resemblance to another plant ("False Solomons Seal", "False Hellebore"), or are given because they remind human beings of something ("Butter and Eggs", "Monkey Flower"), or are assigned for some real or imaginary medicinal property ("Lousewort", "Self-Heal").

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