Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource

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Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource - cute dating sim games

Then you are going to have to use the parameters in your Select Command (or whatever command(s) you are using).

Object Data Source control allows you to bind your objects to a control on the form. Mainly Object Data Source control is used to bind to the Grid View and Details View control.Hi When you Configure Sql Data Source ,you must select Coulmns of tables in Right page there is Advanced it And Tick Generete Insert, Update And Delete ok with this work you are able to Delete and Edit Rows of Grid View . Interesting enough, after using the new driver I can generate the queries, however I get the message "invalid character" which I believe is the same problem I was having before when not using quotes (my pk field is a varchar).There is no error message, I've tried using multiple parameters, but I'm stumped and have been for a few days. NETvinz/archive/2009/02/22/gridview-insert-edit-update-and-delete--the-ado.I do have an edit item template which I expect to give me problems later on as it convers an oracle char(y, n) field into true/false for a checkbox but the delete should be vanilla so I was hoping that would be easier to handle." Select Command="SELECT USER_ID, USER_VOID_PERMITS, USER_ADD_PERMIT, USER_ADD_NOTES, USER_ADMIN, USER_CDATE FROM WEBPARK. WEBUSERS SET USER_VOID_PERMITS = '@USER_VOID_PERMITS', USER_ADD_PERMIT = '@USER_ADD_PERMIT', USER_ADD_NOTES = '@USER_ADD_NOTES', USER_ADMIN = '@USER_ADMIN' WHERE upper(USER_ID) = upper('@USER_ID')" try this: Well, it's not compatible with my version of the oracle client (10g).One of the good feature about Object Data Source control is that you can quickly bind a control to it without writing any code for the binding operation. Suppose I have a Customer class which contains a method Get All Customers() which, returns all the customers to the presentation layer.

Inserting data using the Object Data Source control is also pretty simple.The Type Name property describe where is the method location which is the name of the class.Since, the Grid View control is already bind to the Object Data Source control using the Data Source ID property you will see that as soon as you insert new data it will be displayed in the Grid View control.Now in your Select Command, you can use it something like this: SELECT * FROM table WHERE [city] = '@location' That is just a basic SQL command (I am assuming you will be using SQL) and using the column name [city] as an example. I appreciate the quick response, but I don't think it's quite what I'm looking for.My Get Location() function in the code behind parses the querystring and returns lat/long parameters as "location".closely go over them and make sure all are spelled right, etc.

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