How to avoid bad decisions dating

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One of my favorite bible teachers, Joyce Meyer, had a teaching entitled “Why God Why? If we really believe in what God says, i.e., if we know His promises to us personally and have a sure and steady certainty in His thoughts and goodness towards us, we will not step out prematurely in a spirit of haste.

You know — the times where you spoke too soon and immediately wished you could take it back the moment it came out of your mouth…

” (Post #38) Lessons Learned by a Dating Widower According to , no one knows the origination of the term “Geez Louise”, but it has been used for many years.

I have fallen in love with ‘Louise’, and have proposed to her, the woman of my dreams! I expected that if all went well, I’d probably ask her for a 2nd, and perhaps a 3rd date; but most likely, that would be the extent of our interest.

It was an innocent request; with innocent expectations.

She was so reluctant; it took a miracle for her just to say “Yes” to coffee.

We open ourselves up to the wiles and attacks of the enemy because the spirit of haste diminishes the effectiveness of our spiritual armor.

I encourage you today to slow down and be led by God in all that you do and not let the Spirit of Haste overtake you!This means making the daily choice to heal our own lives and take care of ourselves FIRST before trying to fix, help, heal, and deliver other people.It also means to remember that life happens THRU us not TO us. 3 Ways to Avoid Operating in a Spirit of Haste Beloveds, we cannot afford to operate in a spirit of haste, especially in the treacherous times we are living in.We are responsible to take care of ourselves so that we are not operating at a deficit.We are responsible to make sure we are filled and built up first so that we serve our purpose, our families, our jobs, etc. Taking care of ourselves increases the chance that everything else in our lives will go well.In the Bible, we find many scriptures that speak of the danger of operating hastily in your daily affairs, here are just a few: Why do we tend to act in haste? Why do I have to keep enduring this over and over again? We want an immediate, right now solution to our problems and we wanted it yesterday. We fear that we must jump on every opportunity even if we have a sense of unease about it because everyone else seems to be making progress and we are not.