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After a duel with the now more powerful and Force aware Chantique, Zayne arrived to stop the fight and help Jarael escape.

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However, the weapon Adasca was bargaining with, creatures known as exogorths, forced Camper to lead them away from the Republic and known space.She always was hot-tempered with eyes and hands like Humans and pointed ears, bearing tattoos that were known as the Flames of the Crucible bearing the name "Jarael" in the ancient language of the Crucible meaning "protector." She was a fierce fighter who demonstrated an extreme loyalty to Camper and her other allies; normally armed with a shockstaff, she was a tough opponent when fending off enemies, whether they be bounty hunters, Mandalorians or Jedi Masters.Before taking the name Jarael, Edessa was a slave, then slaver after besting the Zeltron Chantique, of the Crucible where she attempted to help the slaves survive and succeed in their training to prevent them from being sent off to far worse conditions.GA-945GCM-S2C Intel 945GC Chipset A GIGABYTE reserva-se no direito de modificar ou rever o conteúdo a qualquer altura sem aviso prévio. Home Produtos Placa-Mãe Socket 775 Intel Socket 2011-3Intel Socket 2011Intel Socket 1366Intel Socket 1151Intel Socket 1150Intel Socket 1155Intel Socket 1156Intel Socket 775Intel CPU Onboard Intel Socket 478Intel Socket M 478 pin Intel Socket 423Intel Socket 370AMD Socket FM2 AMD Socket FM2AMD Socket FM1AMD Socket FS1b AMD Socket AM3 AMD Socket AM3AMD Socket AM2 AMD Socket AM2AMD Socket 940AMD Socket 939AMD Socket 754AMD Socket AAMD Slot AAMD APU Onboard GA-945GCM-S2L rev. 1.0 Intel 945GC ICH7 chipset Volta Adicionar à Lista de Comparativos Itens, Compare Agora.Características Visão Geral Especificação Galeria de Imagens Support Downloads FAQ Notícias/Prêmios Saiba mais Solicite um Orçamento Detalhes do Produto Home Produtos Placa-Mãe Socket 775 Detalhes do Produto.Placa de vídeo XTREME GAMING Series Caixa de som All Products.

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Along with Arkanian Offshoots whom were purged of the Arkanian universities by the Adasca family, Wyrick and his researchers established a research colony on the uncharted world of Osadia—far from the prying eyes of the Galactic Republic—in an attempt to create a race of Mandalorian Knights from the cells of Arca Jeth.

At first, the project was unstable and unsuccessful, with Wyrick unable to make clones of Jeth.

She became a traveling companion to the fugitive Zayne Carrick after he was framed for the Padawan Massacre of Taris.

Along with the criminal Marn Hierogryph, the four attempted to evade capture by the Taris Civil Authority and the Jedi until Zayne turned himself in to save them.

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    You can’t really blame him though because he was unaware of the Grail War and Kiritsugu only taught him some basic magic.