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A wise man once said, “True love is like ghosts—you hear of them a lot, but few are those who actually come across one”.A writer, Mr Pu, wanted to be a bestselling author but could never achieve his aspiration.

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However, he gradually became obsessed with one of his creations, Ms Hu (“Ms Fox”), who seemed to know him better than he himself did.With a strong desire to refine and redefine the boundaries of traditional music in our dynamic landscape, the ensemble hopes to fuel the minds of the generation with the power of creation and innovation.Witness the energy and the merger as the generations present their work in RENTAS.We float through the day, and come alive only at night.We take what we want from each other, but we resist giving ourselves to others.Gajalee Indian Seafood Restaurant | #02-12 Available 6pm – 8pm daily. Orgo | #04-01, Roof Terrace Available 6pm – 8pm daily A selection of two tapas and two drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks or special cocktails) Available 9.30pm – 12am daily Choose from Esplanade Tasting Menu at 0 per person with wine/cocktail pairing available at additional or Esplanade Dessert Menu at per person with cocktail pairing available at additional Restaurant Labyrinth | #02-23 Available 6pm-8pm from Thursdays to Saturdays. Four-course set menu at Terms and conditions: Valid till .

Not applicable with other promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers by credit or privilege cards.An engaging workshop for parents and kids as they bond through fun activities! Advisory: Tickets must be purchased as an adult-child package. Under the mentorship of NADI Singapura’s Riduan Zalani, residency artists Syafiqah Adha and Megat Firdaus will be creating new compositions that are not only inspired by the rhythms and melodies of traditional Malay music, but also its spirit, values and subtle nuances.Recommended for children aged 6 to 11 years old with an accompanying parent/guardian. Discover the sounds that reflect the unwavering affinity between the musicians, their instruments and the music.The largest-selling American instrumental artist, Chris Botti has four no.1 jazz albums, with his most recent album Impressions winning the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album in 2013.Faced with an increasingly blurred line between her professional and personal life, Dr Leong finds herself asking: What truly makes life worth living? For school bookings, please call Esplanade Box Office at 6828 8389 or email [email protected] here to see full lineup for The Studios 2018.