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This is the maritime history western parts or Atlantic-facing Europe but most especially that of the maritime Celts.

There are thirty-five cast lead artifacts, counting double crosses as two and pieces of swords or spears that join to form one. 480 292-9820 book above is available directly from the author. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Rock Art Foundation Alan P. Two direct, experimental XRF dates made directly on two of the images support this determination.Neither did they comment on the character of the figures or their possible meaning and function of the images of the projectile points themselves.For this study, we relocated many of the Grant et al.The founders called their new realm Calalus (“Waste­land” in Hebrew) and it lasted from 780 until 900, when it was destroyed by earth­quakes, and the king returned with a large part of his followers to Mexico. Yates Published by Panther’s Lodge Publishers 2016 We look forward to hearing any feedback from you and encourage you to pass this email on to interested persons. The latter age range is synchronous with the a period of dart and atlatl use and is coterminous with the earliest accepted dates for the initiation of Rose Spring Series arrow points (ca. Also some surprising new observations associate the feminine gender with at least two of the projectile point petroglyph images.At this crossroads of civilizations in ninth century West Mexico we also detect Chinese seal script, Hindu cult objects, Mesoamerican glyphs, images of Jewish and Christian temples, Celtic ogam inscriptions and what might be called “pre-Templar” symbols. Both figures are either animal-human or human hunter (shamanistic? Alternative suggestions are included for understanding this apparent paradoxical relationship of male weaponry with the feminine gender.In fact, many of the writers you encounter here are also contributors to the Ancient American Magazine.

We also report / reprint from interest groups when the discussion brings important points to the table.Campbell Grant and his associates initially recognized a number of such projectile point petroglyphs within the Coso Range rock art tradition (Grant et al. The authors mention them briefly and only devote a single paragraph within their 147 page monograph.However, even after mentioning them and providing pen and ink sketches of these elements and figures they did not attempt to date them.Both recent and rare books, other publications, videos, maps, artifacts and reproductions will come up for sale in our e Shop.But, mostly, we provide YOU a place to express your interests and opinions.It is available to Signed book above is available directly from the author. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Donald J. One was an “Ancient Symbolic Earth Works” in Northern Perry County. They are often represented as definitive specimens of the “Amerind” ethnic type. Their creation story has been codified in the By, Harry Bourne [email protected] They?