He rainie yang dating

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He rainie yang dating

During YG Entertainment’s early years, the company often collaborated with other Entertainment companies to introduce new artists.

Of the total, US,000 went towards a scholarship for Holt Children’s Services while US,000 went towards children with rare diseases.YGEX operates as a joint-label venture between the two companies.Since the partnership, YGEX has already released Japanese material for: GD&TOP, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, and Daesung.All members of Big Bang have now released one or multiple albums as a soloist and/or duo, and the group completed their first full fledged world tour with over 800,000 attendees in early 2013.In 2010, YG made a highly publicized move into a new building, while the old building became a training facility.Jinusean’s Sean and YG actress Jung Hye Young also tied the knot.

Teddy Park of 1TYM and Lexy; as well as Wheesung and Gummy, all dated for a prolonged period of time when they were under the label.

Today, YG Entertainment has become a top agency in Korea for their abundant resources and financial backing.

YG’s Japan operations are managed by YGEX, a collaboration label with AVEX.

However, a dating scandal in 2004 with then labelmate model/actress Park Han Byul caused his career to plummet, which led to his 4 year hiatus in Korea and ultimately his US debut without much success.

It was revealed many years later that YG Entertainment had many secret relationships amongst its artists.

On April 12, 2011, YGEX was established as a partnership between AVEX and YG Entertainment for the promotion and release of all YG Entertainment’s material in Japan.

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