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The threat to our way of life no longer comes from without, but within, in the sense that it is built into the fabric of our society.Where the past focused on ‘Nicht-Dürfen’ or ‘Sollen’ (‘May-Not’ or ‘Should’), we now live in an age of ‘Können’ (‘Can’), and the concepts of ‘Verbot’, ‘Gebot’ and ‘Gesetz’ (‘Prohibition’, ‘Commandment’ and ‘Law’) have been replaced by ‘Projekt’, ‘Initiative’ and ‘Motivation’ (yeah, I’m not translating that…).

The dialectic of Being-Active, which escapes Arendt, is that the hyperactive intensification of activity turns this into a Hyper-Passivity, in which we helplessly follow every impulse and stimulus.Well, when the universe comes knocking, it’s rude to pretend that no-one’s home, so today’s German Literature Month post comes with a Korean twist – and a large dollop of tiredness…***** Byung-chul Han is a Korean writer and philosopher who has spent most of his career in Germany and Switzerland, producing a number of works that have met with success outside academia.Who cares about my emotions You can play with me until you’re sick of me You can break me if that’s what you want Because I’m a toy, toy When I’m no longer useful you would secretly throw me away If only I can be remembered Even just a little bit Everything, I do it for you I’m a toy, toy…When are having a heartfelt conversation It would be after you’ve caressed me That you’d smile Soon I will be put in the corner But my fate is in your hands Girl use me while you can I’m all yours I don’t want anything more from you If i can see you filling with me I can give it all to you, will you take it all from me If love is a joke, then use me ruthlessly Now you know, all you need is me I’m your toy, I’m your toy, I’m your toy If love is a joke, then use me ruthlessly “What am I to you?You’ll note the use of the past tense here, and this is because the writer believes that this was a 20th-century concept and that we’ve moved on (to which I can only say Trump, Brexit, Manus Island…).

The core concept of the work, then, is that the 21st century has brought with it a very different issue.This is probably due to the clarity of his style and the popularity of his subject matter, with Han casting a critical eye over modern society and explaining why, with the human race as developed as it’s ever been, so many people aren’t really that happy with their lot.This theme is explored in detail in and published by Stanford University Press), a short work dating from 2010.Han begins by introducing the idea of a society based on the language of immunology, with life revolving around the self and others, the familiar and the alien.What this meant is that in politics and society people acted very much as our bodies do when an infection is detected, isolating and annihilating the threat; as a result, anything not forming part of the whole is automatically part of this threat (here Han gives an example of Cold War rhetoric).Han expands on this Blur-esque idea (modern life, well, it’s rubbish) by examining a concept a little too close to the bone, namely the proliferation of sources of information and entertainment.

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    Strong spiritual believers may often say that they are "an animal in a human body" (and in fact may identify themselves as otherkin, weres and/or therians which are their own categories and not linked to the furry fandom just by interest).

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    Emma, a 21-year-old University of Louisville student who is open with friends and family about dating sugar daddies (she says they tell her to live it up while she's young), has encountered her own scare.