Gridview rowupdating dropdownlist selectedvalue

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Gridview rowupdating dropdownlist selectedvalue - dating love fotostrana

The 2nd and 3rd columns are Template Fields that contains a Label control within an .

Here are the code blocks below: The gv Products_Row Data Bound event is where we bind the Drop Down List with the data from our Data Source.This method uses the LINQ syntax to query the Data Source based on the parameter that was passed in.Now looks like we already have some sample source of data to work on.Hence, you cannot do a simple equality check when you are on Edit mode.Instead you must do something like this: Once we’ve manage to determine the edit-state then we can now begin accessing the controls using Find Control() method and bind it with the corresponding Data Sources.Finally, the last column is a Command Field with Show Edit Button enabled.

This will generate the Edit link when the Grid View is bounded with data. This is where we store the list of Makes of the product.

The next line in that block is the critical part of the code and that is to determine the Edit state.

is a bit tricky especially if you are not really familiar on how stuff works within Grid View. Edit isn’t really accurate and you might get an exception when doing so. Therefore, the Row State could indicate that you are in the Edit state and the Alternate state.

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Note that you need to set Auto Post Back to TRUE for the Drop Down List to trigger the Selected Index Changed event.

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