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Twelve-year-old girls today don't generally get to have the experiences that I did.Parents are warned to keep kids off the computer lest they get lured away by child molesters or worse—become fat!

The new breed of open-source programmer isn't like the old.They've changed the rules in ways that have put a spotlight on my sex for the first time in my 18 years in this community.When we call a man a "technologist", we mean he's a programmer, system administrator, electrical engineer or something like that.Shockingly, this doesn't turn the young women into hackers. Start with a young woman who's already formed her identity.Dump her in a situation that operates on different social scripts than she's accustomed to, full of people talking about a subject she doesn't yet understand.Then tell her the community is hostile toward women and therefore doesn't have enough of them, all while showing her off like a prize poodle so you can feel good about recruiting a female. Young women don't magically become technologists at 22. Hackers are born in childhood, because that's when the addiction to solving the puzzle or building something kicks in to those who've experienced that "victory!

" moment like I had when I imposed my will on a couple electronic primates.

I was pretty clueless then—I hadn't even realized that the reason I couldn't read the code well was that there was more than one programming language in the world—but the channel denizens pointed me to the project's issue tracker, explained its purpose and helped me file my first bug report. When coder1 told me about the conversation, I was sold on open source.

What I didn't find out about until later was the following private message exchange between one of the veterans who'd been helping me and a channel denizen who recognized my nickname from a mailing list: coder0: That was a really well-asked question..why do I get the feeling he's a 16yo boy? As a little girl from farm country who'd repeatedly been excluded from intellectual activities because she wasn't wealthy or urban or old enough to be wanted, I could not believe how readily I'd been accepted and treated like anybody else in the channel, even though I'd been outed.

And sure enough, here we have Susan Sons aka @Hedge Mage. Since men were once boys, but women sprang from the head of Zeus full-grown and fighting like modern-day Athenas, you can start flaming me now for using that nasty word...unless you'd like to see the industry through the eyes of a girl who grew up to be a woman in the midst of a loose collection of open-source communities.

Looking around at the hackers I know, the great ones started before puberty.

I started coding when I was six years old, sitting in my father's basement office, on the machine he used to track inventory for his repair service.

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    He left the project due to production problems, but was still credited as co-writer for his contributions to the script.

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