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There was also an option for 16 rpm back then, though I never saw anything that played at that speed in all honesty.But yes, you young folk, we had little discs of vinyl that played at 45 rpm by the hundreds!

Well, people already know how its going, so I wont mention too much on that here, you already know how much I’m loving it. Fine, I’d been told before then it was going to be the case, but even so, actually having it down on paper, is a lovely thing.

Television, 2 channels only, both in black and white! So alright, I’ll be 54 in under 3 weeks, but lets not say too much about that.

The incredible thing, I saw men walking on the moon live, more than many people today have done, or are likely to do in the near future.

The other big news, I’m probably going to a wedding later this year. A wonderful friend in the US, who I’ve known online for ages, but so far, yet to meet, named Stacie, got proposed to at the weekend, and said yes.

Yes, she wants me at the wedding, though I trust not as a bridesmaid! Which means that she is currently trying to plan events around my holiday in her area of the US (well, close enough) in September, which seems a bit of a short period in time to me. You might have heard of Gary Simmons in my postings before, and this is one of his, with his regular job, the tribute band, Jive Talking. Its funny looking back now at a certain iconic Buggles song, and thinking that its now been totally superceded by time. Yes, this was bought on by a discussion elsewhere about record players, and realising just how things have changed.

But sadly, not only does he have far too much genuine talent for the likes of Cowell and Co, he’s also now a bit too old for them as well.

And no, I’m not a talent spotter either, if I was, I’d be signing him up, and these two here like a shot, because they have real talent, not the kind hyped up to the heavens, with nothing to back it up.If it doesnt happen then, put it this way, I’ll be doing everything in my power to get there when it does. No, I just look like one for a while, having got my hair colored, and cut today. I wonder what they would call it now, given that video recorders have gone from most homes? Hey, when I was a small child, record players had an option for 78’s, and how long have they been gone?But yes, I wish her, and Eric all the best, whenever it happens! Sadly, it wont last forever, but for a few glorious weeks at least, I’ll look the part! Alright, I only ever remember seeing 2 of that type of record when I was young, and both of those were from the 50’s.Thanks, DWP for everything, this lady is proud of you for everything.Especially as it was one their ladies, in the Huddersfield Job Center, who directed me to Civil Service Job pages in the first place!We were discussing modern music at work between calls last week, and very little from this century was gaining much merit.

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    It shows an honest look at what AMWF relationships look like, ten to twenty years after the couple first says “I do.” Our relationship is fantastic, frustrating, and full of fun.