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So, I thought it might be good to explore the different kinds of messages there are and some examples of each to really bring it home.Last year, I was chatting with my friend Casey about her work as a nutritionist and the whole notion of message. Love your body, soul, people, food, things, pleasure, pain, earth…

That could be her refrain for her TED Talk that she could repeat again and again and again to drive her point home.And that conversation is the beginning of where a message comes from. It’s got nothing to do with her modality or she helps people and the tools she uses.Right now it’s got something to do with a loving and enjoyment of the material, earthy world.what he deemed the ‘personality ethic’ of tools and techniques we use on people. Messages of Reality: Sometimes, the message is about how things really are.Geoff Lawton created a simple five minute video that has done more to grow the permaculture movement than just about anything I can think of. They are clarifying messages – mini-maps that help direct people from confusion to clarity. Rick Tamlyn’s core message: “It’s All Made Up” (that’s his company’s name). .” Another kind of message is more of a call to arms for people.If you ask a crowd of permaculturists how they got into permaculture, a large chunk of them will you tell you it was from this video. Sometimes we suffer because we don’t really see the world for how it is, and someone who can tell it like it is and reset our expectations about the possibilities and limitations of certain approaches will always engender trust. Gandhi’s oft quoted words, ‘Your life is your message.’ is in fact a message inviting people to pause and look back into their lives and the message it might be sending. I’ve known people who’s core message could be summed up in the words, “We are happier and healthier when we spend regular, unstructured time in nature”. Much of the field of anti oppression is based on the simple idea that privilege in society tends to run along lines of race, class and gender (and other things) and that these privileges are often invisible to the people who have them. It’s not just a message of what’s possible, or what’s real but what’s required of us to get what we want.

The power of the video is that it told a simple story, but it also had a simple message, ‘You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden.’ A client of mine, Russell Scott teaches meditation retreats with the twist that most of it is dyad work. You sit together and your partner asks you a question which you answer. Billy Blanks who created the cardio and martial arts hydrid of Tae Bo would repeat again and again the message that, ‘it’s hard. Simon Sinek’s brilliant book Start With Why had the simple message, that he repeated over and over in his popular TED Talk, ‘People don’t just buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’ I’ve written a number of blog posts exploring this. David Deida’s has built his relationship work on the simple idea that the sexual zing in relationships comes the strength of the polarity of masculine and feminine in that relationship. If it had a message it might sound something like, ‘Question your privileges.’ I’ve heard many new age teachers speak about the message, ‘What you resist persists.’ A simple idea. One of my clients wrote me about her belief that, ‘Business needs to evolve to create a brighter future.’ Simple.

They expected 400 people but got 14,000 the first year.

The next year, the year I went, they expected 20,000 and got 60,000. The message was a response to Margaret Thatcher’s message that ‘There Is No Alternative’ (a message she successfully repeated and built her case for).

Not humanity, but the system of civilization we live in. Michael Shuman is his book The Small Mart Revolution makes the case that the strongest ways to strengthen our local economies is not bring in big box stores but to ‘shop local first.’ A simple, three word message. A project I founded in 1999 called the Jams is based on the idea that, not only do we need to make change in the world but that we actively need to ‘change the way we do change’. New Idea Messages: Some messages are based on ideas that people may never have considered before.

One of my favourite, and certainly the most provocative, mini TED Talks I’ve ever seen was called, ‘Make Love, Not Porn’. Some spiritual teachers might tell you that if you truly want inner peace you must develop a regular spiritual practice. Nicole Daedone, the founder of One Taste, had the belief that female orgasm will change the world.

One of my colleagues Julia Kious Zabell sums up her message as ‘do awesome by doing good’.