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900 numbers mean restrictions on the nature of your conversation.This helps them track their regular customers and know what to expect from a call.A twenty-something girl named Jane could possibly have an 18 year-old vanilla persona called "Amy," a thirty-something dom persona named "Mistress Scarlett" and an ageless she-male persona know as "Pat." 6.Plus magazines like Hustler require them to place ads for a number of months, not just one.A company that spends legitimate funds on advertising is looking to be in business for a while. If you're hesitant to hand out your credit card over the phone, find a service that accepts pre-payment with financial establishments like Paypal, etc.The billing rate does not necessarily correspond to the level of experience you can expect.

A company that charges only .99 per minute may have been in business longer than the one that charges .99 per minute.This also helps you set a pre-designated time limit. The best sign of an established, experienced service will be multiple billing methods. There are any number of reasons the chemistry between a john and a phone slut don't work.They will be affiliated with a credit card verification service, an online pre-payment service (Paypal, etc), a 900 third party billing service, and/or be willing to accept money orders and checks for prepaid accounts. If you've given it about thirty seconds and the mood is nill, tell her so - or just hang up and call back dispatch and ask for another fantasy artist.011 numbers: These are offshore numbers, most of which go to many different countries including islands in the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa.This is where you might be likely to run into phone sluts with thick accents.During this time, signing in and registering will be inaccessible.