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Results showed a preference for same-sex relationship in both men and women.Cross-sex relationships were evaluated by men and women to be less helpful, and less loyal than same-sex friendships, and friendship formation was found to be different between cross-sex and same-sex relationships as well.

It appears that the social bias towards members of one's own sex can develop early in children.Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick identifies a continuum between homosociality and homosexuality, going as far as correlating feminism and lesbian desire: "it is precisely this broad spectrum of women's homosocial loyalties that Adrienne Rich has referred to and celebrated as the 'lesbian continuum'".At the same time, Sedgwick "defines male homosociality as a form of male bonding with a characteristic triangular structure.This age difference suggests that children as young as 4 prefer their own sex regardless of gender-incongruent behavior.Around the age of 8 however, boys begin to adhere to and appreciate the social expectations for males—devaluing feminine behavior.The opposite of homosocial is heterosocial, preferring non-sexual relations with the opposite sex.

In group relations involving more than two individuals, the relation can be either homosocial (involving same-sex social relations), bisocial involving social relation with both sexes or heterosocial involving only opposite sex.

Specifically, studies have found that by the early age of 3 or 4, children prefer members of their own sex to members of the opposite sex (Bussey & Bandura, 1992).

found that boys 4.5 years of age expressed significantly more dislike for a girl depicted as a "tomboy" than a boy depicted as a "sissy"; whereas boys 8.5 years of age express more dislike for a boy depicted as a "sissy".

Homosociality, by definition, implies neither heterosexuality nor homosexuality.

For example, a heterosexual male who prefers to socialize with men may be considered a homosocial heterosexual.

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