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Business journals have stated for the record that in order to retire with any sort of dignity and quality of life, we must each have saved a minimum of ONE MILLION DOLLARS unencumbered by debt. The # 1 cause of Divorce in this country is the STRESS and UNHAPPINESS generated within the relationship by DEBT and the Lack of Money.

It is absolutely essential for the reader to understand this.They even shared things which were NOT included in the Astral Dreamscape Manipulation treatise.I wish to thank each and every one of you BRAVE SOULS who have shared your experiences with me. Before we can even think about defeating the draco-reptilian overlords we must first make an honest assessment of how the reptilian overlordship has negatively impacted each one of our lives.Based on your answers, your purity will be judged and you will be banished to the appropriate level of hell. No collection is complete without Dante's literature.The lines have been clearly drawn between those who promote the Draco-Reptilian New World Order and those who have shown by word and deed that they are part of the Resistance.The end result is all around us: The quality of life (QOL) has been severely degraded for the vast majority of humans on the surface. And these lizard creatures leave their phallic symbols all over the place just to rub it in our collective face.

I'm seeing more and more Obelisk at SHOPPING MALLS these days."I get paid on the 1st and the 15th of the month so I'll send in a payment on the 16th." Bank Tellers will tell you just how low the balance is on the average customers bank account. Remember that one tenth of one per cent of America's population enjoys the top lifestyle on the planet.And yet it is many of these same elitist who coined the war cry "Money isn't everything." If that is the case why are Americans slowly but surely being WORKED TO DEATH? Its amazing how tossing ,000 into the equation can solve most family problems. I'd like to try being rich and miserable for a change.I will say this more than once during this treatise: 98% of all Americans are dead or broke by the age of 65 and even that wasn't good enough for . This is why you see senior citizens working in Fast Food Restaurants.Its not because they are "bored and have nothing better to do." Its because they enjoy having things like a roof over their heads and food to eat.Meanwhile what is happening to the young children of the working parents?