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They love to please you and will do anything to keep you happy. As soon as there is a knock at the door most of them will come running and wagging their little stump tails to tell you about it.

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Many Boston owners have said they make great watch dogs and only bark when they feel it's a must. They are great with kids, great for the elderly and friendly to strangers once they are sure the stranger is not going to harm their family.

They also should have the occasional bath and a good cleaning around the tail every other week, more or less depending on how dirty your Boston gets, how hard they play, and if they decided to roll in a mud puddle. They enjoy being brushed, and usually don't mind their feet being touched.

They can't always swim and some are not fond of water so they may shake a little during a bath.

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Bostons have a thin, short, fine coat that does not shed much. Hooper's Judge was a cross between an English bulldog and an English terrier.

They are a very playful breed, very affectionate, and very much a part of the family, and very popular in the United States because of its excellent character. Around 1 in 10 will experience Corneal Ulcers in their life time.

Although they love to please and are easy to train, house breaking can be a small problem. Corneal Ulcers are caused initially by injury to the eyes.

"Terrier" is only in name to the Boston, as it has lost most of its ruthless desire for mayhem, prefers the company of humans, and though a few males will challenge dogs if they feel their territory is being invaded, the Boston does not fit the Terrier stereotype. It takes a lot to make a Boston mad, but when they do get upset they walk away.

They are very easy to train, they love to learn, and catch on very fast.

The city or country, apartment or mansion, but keep in mind they are inside dogs.

They get along great with children, other dogs, cats, and other animals.

Occasionally Bostons can suffer hip dysphasia, but this condition occurs more often in large breeds, while patellar luxation is more common in small breeds.

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