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They weren't too pleased about the exploding planets bit, and fought the X-Men for the right to execute the Phoenix.

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With her new powers, she helped the alien Shi'ar princess Lilandra topple her corrupt brother, the emperor D'Ken, and saved a magical space crystal.

Bryan Singer said he was down for it, hinting that something "dark" and "powerful" was growing in Jean Grey. In a nutshell: When escaping from an exploding space station, Jean sacrificed herself by piloting the X-Men's ship back to Earth and exposing herself to dangerous levels of radiation.

Before she died, a mysterious cosmic entity called the Phoenix offered her the power to save her friends and herself.

Early reports said that the X-Men would be going into space, and now it looks very much like the Shi'ar are involved.

This is bound to please fans, though it remains to be seen if Kinberg and co will be able to get the general public to embrace the space-opera side of X-Men story.

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