Form not validating

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Form not validating - Hot chating in vedio

In addition, Power Shell has built in support for regular expressions in the form of the –match operator.

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Since our event will only clear the error message, it can be used as a generic event shared by all validating controls.

Important: Never attempt to set the Focus of a control in this event because it can cause the script to hang.

This event occurs when the control is finished validating.

There is no need to validate a control that loses focus when the user wishes to cancel out of the form; therefore, the button’s Causes Validation property can be set to false.

As it turns out, validating controls depends on what type of control and the format of the data you wish to validate.

Specify an argument whose length is greater than or equal to “1″ and then try the command again.

As you can see this may not be the best error message to present to a user; therefore, you may have to customize your error messages.The bad news is that you have to script your validation and it can change depending on the data type and format. Validation Example 1: Checking if a Text Box Field is Empty For the first example, we will create a simple function that will ensure the field is empty as well as making sure it doesn’t only contain blank spaces.In this example, we cancel the validation, when the field is empty or has only whitespaces.One can reduce the need to validate by using the appropriate controls for your data types: Date Time Picker Use this control when you need a date or time.This control will inherently validate the date field for you; therefore, you need not parse the date or use regular expressions, Mask Text Box Use this control when you need a phone number or other set format.Thankfully Win Forms has built in mechanisms to help facilitate data validation.

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