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Extended international dating sites

The first noted student golfer at St Andrews is in about 1574, when golf 'club and balls' are recorded in the diaries of James Melville.

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They were attended by their servant Patrick Scott, who rendered detailed accounts of the dozens golf balls that they used up.

Other expenditures on golf and clubs and balls are noted in 1506, when the King may have been at Edinburgh or Stirling.

In 1552, Archbishop John Hamilton of St Andrews was given a charter to establish a rabbit warren on the north part of the links.

His father was Minister in Maryton, near Montrose, where he was taught golf at school.

While at St Andrews, Melville was provided with he 'necessars' (necessaries) for 'archerie and golf'.

The instructions for playing the first competition there contained references to some of the Old Course holes which are still in existence.

The last winner over this configuration was William St Clair of Roslin, who then, as Captain, authorised changes to the layout.By 1754, St Andrews consisted of twelve holes, ten of which were played twice, making a round of twenty-two holes in all.The course wends its way 'out' along the coast, and then turns back 'in' to the clubhouse.The named supplier of his clubs was James Pett, but whether he was a club-maker or just sold them is not specified.He was a notorious golfer and met an unfortunate end in 1650 in a failed rebellion against Parliament.The makers of some of these balls and clubs were George and Henry Milne.