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This feature was introduced in Word Press version 4.7.If you are using one of the many PDF plugins for Word Press, then be aware that your plugin needs to be updated as many of these plugins handle creating and managing PDF thumbnails.

For example, someone’s paycheck amount could be leaked through a thumbnail.PDFs are some of the most used files in the world because they preserve the format of the file regardless of what device they are opened with.They are extremely useful for sensitive material like forms, contracts, bank statements, etc.In fact, the Center for Internet Addiction reported that more than 60 percent of its clients are people who wouldn't rent a porn video but are engaging in cyberporn activities, such as visiting sexually explicit adult chat rooms.Internet porn use has been shown to have a harmful effect on the brain.Brian Hooper has more than 10 years of editorial experience.

Hooper has provided editorial services for New York publishing houses and currently writes for Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley.Cyberaffairs have led to divorce in some instances.Moreover, the Center for Net Addiction points out that by isolating themselves and essentially using the Internet as a form of escape, or destressor, addicts have lost their real-life friends.Individuals who are addicted to cybersexual relationships and online pornography represent a new kind of sex addict.Many porn users are drawn to the stealth nature of the Internet.According to the Center for Net Addiction, these individuals turn to the Internet for intimacy and sex.