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lqbale ra ke ba daroone hisare Dowlatabaad burdeh az quillat-e-aazooqah (supplies) zaayai khwahand 15.

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And the court of the Protector of Kings – issued an order which had to be strictly complied with 15.Jahan ra az aalaaishe wajoode besawaad-e-oo pak gardaanad chun Fateh Khan 9.Then this world should be relieved of the existence of such a person since Fatehkhan 10.Son of Ambar through Yaminuddaulah Asafkhan had submitted a petition 4.Dowlat khwahi wa hawa jooee firistadah maarooz dashta bood keh ein 4.And he with all the splendour and glory and fanfare accompanied by his son 17.

Kalane Khood ba rasme peshkash usaal numayad ta multimassate oo, izze qubul yabad 17.Every Moghul monarch The Need to Re-Examine Antecedents 39 had at least 5,000 consorts in his harem and many more at his command outside.He had hardly the time or the heart to idolize only one of his several thousand consorts.Secondly, how many palaces did Shahjahan build for his sweetheart Mumtaz while she was alive before he built one over her dead body ? The answer to the first is that there are no accounts of the Shahjahan Mumtaz romance because there never was any.That so called romantic attachment was a graft to justify the mythical creation of the Taj Mahal as a wonder tomb.Baad az waroode hukme jahan-mutah burhane-be-nizam bad farjam ra khufah namoodeh 10.

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