Eastern european women dating services locally

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Eastern european women dating services locally

He cited as an example an instance in which he wanted to buy his then girlfriend, a Polish woman, an expensive watch.

In contrast, he said that most of the women he met in Eastern European countries don't care if you are rich or not."What they really care about in men is whether they have a good character and their attitude toward family," said Yuan.Girls from these communities are more willing to marry a foreigner to have a different life, Kurzova explained."Our country is facing some economic difficulties, and many of the girls in our country are looking for an opportunity to go overseas," Kurzova said.She said the few that have been mentioned in the media are just the tip of the iceberg.Blind date groups are especially popular in small cities and villages where the economy is less developed.Some of them already have." According to Yuan's observation, most of the Chinese men who go to Eastern European countries to find wives tend to be affluent and more familiar with the Western culture, lifestyle and value system.

Yuan and his friends are an example of the current trend in China in which a growing number of Chinese men are marrying women from Eastern European countries.

The founder of the dating agency Elena said in the article that there are more males than females in China, while in Russia, it's the contrary.

Elena said that many Chinese men like Russian women because they like how they look, and Russian women like Chinese men because they respect women and want a serious relationship.

The close cultural history shared between Eastern European countries and China makes women from these countries a good choice for wealthy Chinese men.

Photo: IC When Yuan Shankai, a Beijing-based artist in his late 40s, finalized his divorce in 2010, he decided that if he were going to marry again, his second wife would be either Russian or, at the very least, Eastern European.

"In Ukraine, a lot of men don't work and require their wife to shoulder both work and family responsibilities, not to mention that many men have a drinking problem," Nataliya said.