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So if neither person is feeling either states then what will be the neutral ground? Distant-dating is a deeper investment than a local dating situation. Again, its analyzing if this sort of dating strategy is for you.I promise you, this will save you so many arguments. Which is why you both will need to discuss this up front if this is going to work. Think about it: You have to make time for each other by setting virtual dates (more often than usual to make up for the lack of physical time); You have to travel to and from on a regular basis; You have to trust that person to a whole other level. But if you're not all in, it will definitely make the relationship tough.

Distance is one of those things that can show you who a person is quickly.If this is the case then distant-dating may be challenging for you.Face Time will honestly have to be sufficient on those days where you just want to see that person or even get a hug.So simply put, if you thrive off of constant interaction (which is fine) then this is definitely not for you.Some people, depending on their love language needs to be held, touch or face-to-face with their special someone constantly.You got to pull out that creative hat to ensure that the person knows you care and you're in this 100%.

Most local relationships don't know that type of creativity because they are always in each others face. While analyzing, keep in mind that this can be hard for: I guess my point to this is don't discount the whole idea of distant-dating.Especially if you live in an area where good quality people are few and far between.You may want to explore the idea IF you can commit to the things I stated earlier.That is something you need to assess before getting involved with that person.That will indirectly cause all sorts of issues to arise in the relationship and will eventually make it sour. Coming to an understanding of long-term (or short-term) expectations and seeing what the plan would be. And if they do then distant-dating would not be something they would be into.Getting to see that person in different scenarios is key to the future in that relationship.

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