Document dating in forensic science

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Document dating in forensic science

infrared reflectance and luminescence examination to determine reflectance or absorbance of infrared light and any luminescence 3.

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Once the age at which ink becomes completely dry (that is, it stops ageing) is known it is possible to estimate a date (albeit imprecise) for its deposit.HPLC is also used to detect volatile and non-volatile components, as is GC-MS to detect volatile organic ingredients.Electron microscopy can be used to distinguish carbon from graphite.Comparisons of inks on different paper types will also have a bearing on the results obtained and their interpretation as will differing quantities of ink extracted and tested in which case resort to ratios is called for.Another difficulty that is faced is that it has been found that ink, whilst still inside its reservoir, can begin to age.Date stamps Dates on which documents have been made can be problematic, for example consider a cheque which has been date stamped and the stamp is not decipherable.

In one such instance the use of a purple filter on a reddish coloured cheque filtered out the purple making the date stamp clear.When it can be determined that an ink came into manufacture on a certain date, it can be inferred that the writing made by that ink occurred either on or after the first date of manufacture.However, this type of analysis is relevant only to very old documents.Some ball-point pen manufacturers add ‘dating tags’ to their inks as a means of being able to identify the year in which the ink was made.Analysis of the ink deposited on a document can then assist in determining a date after which the writing must have been made, that is the date will be on or after the date of manufacture of the ink containing a tag.Electrostatic detection An ESDA can be useful when attempting to date a document as it may bear impressions from other documents that give a clue as to the date on which it was written or provide a range of dates.

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