Divorced parents dating again

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Divorced parents dating again

Q: I'm a divorced parent and I plan to begin dating again.

“It doesn’t matter how much time has passed — if you don’t help them process that grief, they may never be ready” for a stepparent. For more on parenting and divorce, Blackwell recommends these Web sites: Check out these articles, too: "I Have Started Dating Again, What Can I Do To Help My Child Adjust?

“That will fulfill some of that longing or need for connection,” she said.

So how do you know when you are ready for a new romantic relationship?

While you should be open and honest with your kids about your dating, it’s not necessary to involve the children in your dating life, Blackwell said.

For instance, kids shouldn’t even meet first or second dates.

“When you’re OK with the ex moving on, then you’re probably ready as well,” said Blackwell.

Once you’ve met that special someone, knowing when and how to talk to your kids about him or her is really important, Blackwell said.When it comes to starting relationships, she said, “my very first piece of advice is, know when you’re ready.Sometimes newly single people end up dating because they’re lonely.” To avoid a rebound romance, she suggested socializing instead with friends who are not romantic interests, especially friends who might be coping with their own divorces or separations and can empathize with your situation."If you start to talk to your son about bringing a stranger home, it could trigger all sorts of anxious thoughts and negative feelings on his part."Rather than create a situation like that, try to keep your dating life separate from your life with your son," Goldstein advises.For example, plan to meet your date at the movie theater or restaurant instead of at your house."Organizing a few brief, casual meetings is the best way to help your son with the transition in the beginning," Goldstein comments.