Dell updating bios

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I tested these steps on a Dell Opti Plex 780 SFF (Small Form Factor), Dell Opti Plex 790 SFF, and Dell Opti Plex 3040 MT (Mini-Tower).

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For this guide, I will be copying these files to the following location:\SCS-CFGMGR-MP\SWSTORE\BIOS\Dell CCTKNote your configuration file and the contents from the "X86_64" folder must be accessible through the same package in SCCM.When you add a new revision to the source folder, you will need to update your distribution points to push the revision out to clients.Finally, we are going to create the task sequence that will push your BIOS configuration and any needed updates.Expand the Application Management node and click on the Packages applet.Create a new package using the Dell CCTK folder you just created, but do not create a program or add any requirements.Press Install and Reboot to install the firmware update and reboot the system.

Updating the BIOS on multiple laptops and desktops can be a tiresome task that may just seem easier to do without.Although you can configure separate packages for each model in your organization, I recommend creating a multiplatform package that will work with all models.I have never had any issues creating a multiplatform package that works with different Dell models, even those manufactured as late as 2010.With that in mind, select the Create Multiplatform Package tab and configure the package options.When you are satisfied with your configuration, export your package as a .Create a package for each model you wish to deploy BIOS updates to, but do not create a program or add any requirements.