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(Side note: whatever happened to Natasha, the Russian spy Kim created …Because y’all don’t fear God enough, humans have now bred a new spiciest pepper.

As the …Women are often stereotypically seen as prim and proper, put together and never gross.

…The cramped spaces, the subpar food, the crying babies, and the tiny gross bathrooms—there are too many reasons to hate flying.

Some of us can’t even get over the terrifying fact the fact that we’re zooming at 500 mph over an altitude of 39,000 feet.

Two versions of the same picture are placed side by side and you have to decipher the minor differences between them.

The subtle changes could be anything, including: Swapped colors, Things added, Things removed, Slight alterations.

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There comes a point in life when you’ve been single for so long that it almost becomes a personal joke.

However, with the surge of social media, many women have come forward to challenge the rules of the modeling world.

Plus sized models Callie Thorpe and Diana Sirokai have become Instagram influencers for …Ed Sheeran recently visited Capital FM’s Evening Show with Roman Kemp.

You’ll save a pretty penny since you won’t be going out on expensive dates and you don’t have to worry about couple presents. Kim Kardashian is known for taking her Halloween outfits to the next level but this year the reality star has really outdone herself.

From Princess Jasmine to Poison Ivy, Kim always manages to shock fans with her elaborate costumes and character commitment.

But a new pepper, introduced to the world this September, might be even …Being a good speller may not hold as much merit as it used to now that features like spell check and auto correct have become integrated into our daily lives, but proper spelling is still undeniably important.