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Meredith overheard and asked whether they […] Back in July while I was camping, my buddy Alex found a new girlfriend. The problem is that whenever we all hang out together, the chemistry between us seems to gell.I’m gellin’ like a felon, at risk of stealing my buddy’s girlfriend.

Talks to much.” Later in the year, she met Frank Haudel. Teeth are green.” On January 16th, 1911, after a date with Wyman Smith from Sacramento, she wrote a one-word summary of the courter: “FOOL.” These pithy reviews—others range from “dandy” to “tiresome” to the frequently used single-word dismissal of “mutt”—are still on display at The Pardee House museum in Oakland in Carol Pardee’s Chap Record, a small volume bound in green and gold with a dapper gentlemen doffing a hat on the cover.“Cynical,” she writes for one, “but has lots of good traits.” While these Chap Records are interesting glimpses into the minds of high-society women, they’re also markers in the shifting dynamic in American society from courtship to the kind of dating we know today.Previous to this era, “courtship” involved one man and one woman from the same community being urged by their families to go on a series of dates in the hopes that they’d be comfortable enough with each other to get married.In Carol Pardee’s case, before her death from influenza in 1920, she’d gotten engaged to Jerry Hadar, a prominent attorney in Oakland. As always, some things are best left away from prying eyes, even ones coming a century in the future.At FHE Monday, some people were talking about LDS singles websites.It was a little disappointing hearing some people talk about how they didn’t think it was worth the trouble of slogging through all the profiles looking for interesting people, because it took too long, and it was too hard to tell from a profile […] Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of the thin, thin line that divides bliss from catastrophy.

Last night, a girl I dated a few years ago came up in conversation, and was I ever happy to still be single!

(A […] Just a short entry for tonight before I fall asleep. A guy from her student ward who’d given her rides to activities a few times has now started emailing and instant-messaging her all the time.

I just got back from a two-day camping trip in the high Uintahs. She has turned down repeated date invitations, but he keeps asking.

We first met on what I call a “visually challenged date”.

It wasn’t really a blind date in the sense that the people who set it up didn’t think they’d been inspired and that wedding bells were coming in the next two months. As tired and interested in nothing but sleep as I am, the apartment still feels so empty and […] My sister Joan says she has a “stalker”.

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