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Neither were the prostitutes' clients considered to be criminals, but those who exploited prostitutes and gained profits from their activities were considered criminals under the law." That is to say that neither indoor nor outdoor work are either prohibited nor regulated, but nevertheless there are restrictions on working conditions which arise from custom, not law, but are enforced by police.

The care continuum is the cycle of life turning full cir...

This was an abolitionist position ending the prior era of regulation, including regular medical checks on sex workers.

The law had little effect on the extent of prostitution, and on January 1, 1983, this law was partially repealed, making not sex work itself but merely its exploitation and facilitation illegal.

Prostitution services' contacts are easily found in many magazines, newspapers and websites.

Both heterosexual and homosexual male prostitution also occurs in various settings, ranging from gay bars to discos and beach resorts.

Expensive and young prostitutes that advertise on the web and in the news stands can be easily found in the major cities and most crowded tourist resorts.

Prostitution can also take place in the prostitute's apartment which may be located anywhere, from the suburban areas to expensive flats in the main town centers.Under the Portuguese penal code, trafficking in women is a crime punishable by two to eight years' imprisonment.Although the number of workers involved in the industry is notoriously difficult to estimate, in the mid-2000s, the number of female prostitutes was estimated at 28,000, of whom at least 50% were foreigners.A large share of the males engaged in prostitution in Portugal are also foreigners, especially from Brazil and Africa.The concept of gigolo is used and is usually linked to male prostitutes with an exclusively female clientele.In street prostitution, the prostitute solicits customers while waiting at street corners or walking alongside a street.

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