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Ua nla, Ua Ibura, Ua jemifohun, Ua Ikomo are some of the names of the courtyards.

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Oja Oba, which means the Oba's Market, is just a stone's throw away from the Palace.Akure lies about 7°25’ north of the equator and 5°19’ east of the Meridian.It is about 700 km Southwest of Abuja and 311 km north of Lagos State.Afunbiowo's daughter, the Omoba Adetutu, was appointed princess regent following his demise on the 30th of November, 2013.In 2015, Prince Kola Aladetoyinbo, successfully emerged the new Monarch of Akure after beating twelve other contestants nominated by the Osupa ruling house to become the 47th Deji of Akure.Akure's King is known as the Deji of Akure and is supported by six (6) high chiefs (Iwarefa) in his or her domain.

The totem of Akure is the Leopard and the father of Omoremi Omoluabi was himself called Ekun (this was his regnal name).Residential districts are of varying density, some area such as Arakale, Ayedun Quarters, Ijoka, and Oja-Oba consist of over 200 persons per hectare, while areas such as Ijapo Estate, Alagbaka Estate, Avenue and Idofin have between 60-100 people per hectare.Sunshine Radio Akure, Adaba FM, FUTA FM, Positive FM Akure, Orange FM, Galaxy Radio and Breeze FM.Within the modern Akure kingdom are two other constituent communities with their separate chiefs and traditions.The more prominent of the pair is Isikan while the second of them is Isolo.'Abiye' health programme of Governor Mimiko administration was recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the best health programmes on maternal health programme with the establishment of Mother-Child hospital in Akure.

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