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The ideal, of course, is that we would "all come to a unity of the faith" - a process which requires receiving and following revelation from God (Eph.

Even though the Book of Revelation has been placed last in our Bible, it was not necessarily the last book written, but may have preceded other writings of John himself by a couple of years.

Remember, the Bible says nothing about itself to imply that the canon is complete.

As one of many passages implying incompleteness, consider John , which states: John understood that there could have been many other books written to describe all the words and deeds of Christ.

Where is the Book of Enoch, the Shepherd of Hermas, the Apocryphal writings of the Septuagint, Psalm 151 of the Septuagint, or other missing scriptures?

They may insist that their Bible is complete and perfect, but where is the missing scripture from which Paul quotes the words of Christ in Acts , "It is more blessed to give than to receive"?

Joseph Smith's actions, contra critics (e.g., chapter 3 of "Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?

") are entirely consistent with the actions of Biblical Prophets.

Moses, Isaiah, Matthew, Luke, John, and many others all added scripture.

One of the surest signs that the Church of Jesus Christ has really been restored is that new scripture has been added!

One devout man told me that he would have to reject any new writing, no matter how authentic, even if it had been written by an ancient apostle under inspiration from God, was perfectly preserved and unmistakably contained directly quoted words of Christ, because to admit the possibility of additional scripture would mean that we could not accept the existing Bible as the perfect, complete, and infallible final authority.

(I almost wonder if some people worship the Bible rather than God.) On the other hand, Latter-day Saints are taught to anxiously accept every word that comes from God, and to look forward to many future revelations and the discovery of other ancient volumes of sacred scripture. By the way, some modern Christians seem to think that the Apocrypha was never seriously accepted by Christians of the past, in spite of being included in their canons.

However, God has the authority to speak what and when He wants.