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, but it does need to work with a wide range of buyer’s tastes.Right now, shades of gray are very on trend so if you are painting, stick with this hue.

Huge furniture pieces with overstuffed or rolled arms were on trend in the 80’s and 90’s.Whenever it comes time to sell, it’s important to give a home a paint refresher.We all have unique decorating styles but when you want your home to appeal to the most buyers possible, neutral is best.Today’s buyers are looking for sleek, streamlined hardware that are all about simplicity.In finishes of chrome, brushed pewter and rubbed oil, this cabinet hardware gives any kitchen or bathroom a modern update.This gives buyers a turn-key property that they will value and pay top dollar for.

From funky shag carpets to pink or blue or green plush carpets – this feature is often overwhelming to a buyer, even if the rest of the space has been neutrally updated.They are very different from the baby boomers who collected items and loved displaying them everywhere.This is why, when you go to sell your home, that it’s really important to pack away most of your personal treasures, knickknacks and pictures.So here are our top 10 things that we know instantly date a home – and which should be addressed prior to listing.Some of these are fixtures or finishes and some are furnishings but ALL of them have an impact on a buyer’s perception of the home!Light maple or oak cabinetry used to be much in demand but times have changed.