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You bring the fun, snacks and your favorite beverages! While most people rely heavily on looks while speed dating, this new trend in London is forcing people to do the exact opposite – choose by personality.

” “I have three kidneys,” and “Secretly, I want to be a hand model,” were some of the other messages displayed on the bags.‘Paper Bag Speed Dating’ doesn’t allow you to see the face of the person you’re talking with.It’s basically a looks-free hookup party, where participants place a paper bag over their head.They also concluded that one in two Berliners are single (or at least not married).So if the humans aren’t finding mates, then it seems the app companies are trying a different, four-legged target group.And maybe, just maybe, there is that fairytale chance of meeting a compatible dog owner through your terrier’s playdate.

It happened in Hey Pet is a Berlin-based app which launched last summer as a “community marketplace for pet lovers.” It offers a variety of review-based pet services, including doggy daycare, vet listings and an advice forum.“We’re reminding people that using a dating app isn’t just a game of superficial swiping, especially if you’re looking to get on an actual date, where looks do matter, but it’s personality that counts,” said co-founder David Standen.Of course, the app itself doesn’t have pictures of people wearing paper bags, but they do blur out pictures.All art supplies provided including canvas, paints, brushes, easel and even an apron to help keep you clean! "It was clear that everyone loved the Paint Craze Event, I didn't know we had so many budding artists out there! This event features two choices, paint either the Buck or the Doe that can be displayed together or separately! Perfect Night Out to get together with friends, GNO, date night, birthdays or any occasion! Most participants agreed that the event was a ‘really good laugh’.