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The lion was immobilized using 4.0 mgs medetomidine and 295 mg ketamine in a 3cc dart.

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The lungs, gut and heart had been severely punctured.The ribs were also fractured and the wound was seriously septic.It was evident that the hippo was undergoing a lot of suffering and pain.The spear injuries had penetrated into the abdomen and lungs.CASE#4 TREATMENT OF AN INJURED ELEPHANT IN AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK The adult male elephant was spotted within the park by the veterinary team while collecting biopsy samples.Darting from a vehicle was done using Dan-inject system.

Full immobilization took place after 6 minutes and fell on lateral recumbence.Darting was achieved relatively easily from a land cruiser.The elephant was immobilized using 17 mgs Etorphine Hydrochloride in a 3cc dart toped up using water for injection.On physical examination from the land cruiser, it was clearly visible that the hippo had sustained a severe injury on the left flank region.The injury was possibly from a serious bite of another hippo possibly while fighting.The wound was thoroughly cleaned using water and Hydrogen Peroxide. Topical antibiotic cream, spray and green clay was then applied into the wound to facilitate healing and avoid infection.