Dating a 21 year old

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Dating a 21 year old

Archeologists from the Bashkir State University discovered the Dashka stone in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia on July 21, 1999.The discoverers were immediately struck by the size of the tablet.

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This object should be considered in context with the many other anomalous objects found in the Urals.As impossible as it may seem, Russian experts believe the stone map, could be 120 million years old.The Dashka slab depicts not only the environs of the Ural Mountains, but also a series of civil engineering projects including 7457 miles (12,000 km) of channels, several dams, and hieroglyphic notations of unknown origin.In the Bible, crows and their close cousins, ravens, were called “unclean” and with this unshakable spiritual grey cloud these bullied birds have subsequently been associated with the occult, witchcraft, and death.Neither does Islam offer these homeless birds a safe perch to land, as it holds them as one of the five animals we are “allowed” to destroy.Scientists suspect that, aside from the ancient shells, the tablet was made approximately 3000 years ago, however, it is exceedingly difficult to radiocarbon date the engravings themselves.

This is still an incredible date, given the detail and advanced craftsmanship of the map.The accuracy and perspective of the map suggest that it was created from an aerial point of observation.The hieroglyphs have not, as of the time of writing, been deciphered but are thought to be related to an ancient form of Chinese.Even supposing it is not just a lump of rock, which is all it probably is, there's loads of stuff around whose creation and date easily could be faked by God. There's even people coming up with ideas we are evolved from monkeys , or like Dawkins that God does not exist etcetera, who are just a load of red herrings led astray by God.Inspired by God to explain God, or a tiny little bit of God called human consciousness since, after all, ideas are ONLY ideas, and neither evidence or proof of anything at all.It measures 58 inches (148 cm) high, 42 inches (106 cm) wide, 6 inches (16 cm) thick, and weighs one ton.