Couple chatting online

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Couple chatting online

The tweet even caught the eye of Michelle, who responded: "Sorry I'd reply but I need to give it a few months!

On Hello Goodbye, we’ve heard powerful stories of love conquering distance.My husband and I will be married 10 years in December.We met in Cold Lake, Alberta and moved numerous times across the country. Numerous care packages, love letters, emails, quick phone calls and Facebook have kept our love going strong.Deployments, courses, etc, are the toughest times for us. It doesn't get any easier when he walks out the door and says, "See you later" :( ❤My husband and I met in university here in Canada. I was in my final year of my program, and Morgan was doing an exchange.We met through mutual friends and went on our first date a month afterwards.One of our most popular stories features Stacey and Paul — a military couple who met in Afghanistan and had to live apart during their first pregnancy.

So we asked you to share your own stories of long distance love, and you answered!When Josh Avsec, 22, matched with Michelle Arendas, 21, in September 2014, he dropped her a casual message.Just over two months later on November 28, he got a reply, with Michelle putting her delayed response down to the fact that her "phone had died".We chatted every few days, then every day and then on the phone.It was June 2006 when we started chatting and at the end of August 2006, I flew to England with a work permit.Explaining why he chose to delay his first response to Michelle, Josh admitted: “More or less it was my way of handling a girl blowing me off.

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    Steve and Luna(Minnesota) Interview by Roland and Naoko (CEO of Meet Japan Luna works for MJL now, and she is a great supporter for you and Japanese women who are dreaming about happy marriage! I am a Japanese woman who is happily married to an American man and our family lives in the US .