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By now establishing "faith" as an activity that is divorced from the physical world of so-called "facts," Hendel can now lecture his readers about the applicability of autonomous human reason to critical study of the Bible.

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faithromans 1redactorreasonpentateuchpatriarchs , a disturbing and highly prejudicial column was published, entitled: "Farewell to SBL: Faith and Reason in Biblical Studies." This article was written by Ronald S.Further, in exposing the anti-Christian bias embedded in the arguments which inform Hendel's worldview, it is my hope that sincere skeptics who read this article may become more self-conscious about the erroneous premises and faulty presuppositions they take for granted in their arguments, their views of the Bible and orthodox Christianity, and even in their daily living.Hendel's philosophical views are held by millions of duped westerners and most of biblical and archaeological scholarship, eerily similar to the stranglehold that philosophical naturalism has on the physical sciences.He is certainly entitled to his opinion and his views, and to practice his irrational, indefensible, humanistic fideism as he wishes.However, those of us in the Christian community are not obliged to accept his views and submit to them by jettisoning the central tenets of our orthodoxy in order to be permitted to engage in scholarship with him and other unbelievers.Hendel, Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of California, Berkeley.

The spirit of this age has often caused the body of Christ to cower in a corner in false piety as the humanists destroy institutions that formerly had a Christian foundation and/or orientation.

They are like oil and water, things that do not mix and should not be confused.

Pascal was a brilliant mathematician, and he did not allow his Catholic beliefs to interfere with his scholarly investigations.

draws a wise distinction between religious faith and intellectual inquiry.

The two have different motivations and pertain to different domains of experience.

In the July/August 2010 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, a disturbing and highly prejudicial, anti-Christian column was published.

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