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The mentality of the Plano community is that of a homeowner’s association gone mad with power.Residents aren’t allowed to paint their houses certain colors, and one might even say that the residents themselves can only be certain colors.

Basically, I publicly insulted a princess (there were no threats, unless you count the threat the truth can often be to a person of questionable character’s reputation), and I was locked in a tower as punishment, as if the county’s justice system were governed by a sort of feudalistic medieval chivalry. Typical repressed kids rebelling against their strict parents.

This blog was inspired by a 90 day stint spent by the author in the Collin County jail in Mc Kinney, TX.

During my sentence, I of course learned the lore of the jail, which tends to get handed down from inmate to inmate.

There are many local stereotypes about people from Plano, the well-to-do suburb that resides within Collin County. The old money of Dallas generally tend to live within Dallas County in the Highland Park area, whereas Plano is populated mostly by the executives of dot-com boom upstarts.

Citizens of Plano are often considered stuck up and pretentious, and yet the nationally publicized Plano heroin scandal of the 1990’s showed that the children of Plano’s upper class tend to be, well… You hear a lot of the stereotypical spoiled rich kid stories about those Plano kids who have been born to nouveau riche families with more money than class or intelligence, AKA “trash with cash”.

The preppy quarterback who gets a hundred thousand dollar sportscar on his 16th birthday, and promptly totals it while drunk driving.

The spoiled, slutty, daddy’s little girl, AKA “The Plano Princess”.

Collective tyranny enforced by a despotic local government, a whole community full of people self-assured that they can take the world around them and force it to conform to a very narrow definition, through the sheer force of lawyers, guns, and money.

And the citizens of Plano/Collin County have created a full-service (to the wealthy) fascist municipal government to carry out their totalitarian designs for the world around them.

This is the exact opposite of the scientific method, where evidence is gathered BEFORE a conclusion is drawn. That the truth is not objective, but rather, malleable by argument, and subject to public opinion, or the judgment of authority figures. As my case proves, you don’t want to get in any kind of legal dispute with a citizen of Collin County, because their oppressive, conformist culture has begotten a biased and tyrannical government you don’t want sicced on you.

An upper class citizen of Collin County, and especially one who conforms to the culture of the area, has more rights than an outsider, practitioner of alternative lifestyle, or even a member of Plano’s lower class, and the county’s legal system reflects this.

Dating the former captain of a Plano West High School debate team provided me some insight as to how the school system teaches kids to think backwards.

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