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Miss Janet Gnosspelius bequeathed the large collection of original manuscripts, books and sketches relating to the biography of W. Her father, Oscar, was a pioneer in aviation and developed the hydroplane on Lake Windermere. The Collingwoods were a famous family of artists, archaeologists, writers and philosophers who did a great deal of their work in the Lake District. G Collingwood was John Ruskin's secretary and a friend of Arthur Ransome, the suspected double agent and children's author, whose proposals of marriage to two of the Collingwood sisters were rejected.The collection includes manuscript letters, sketches, signed books, diaries and much contextual material relating to the relationship of Ruskin and Ransome to the Collingwoods.

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Cardiff University and The Collingwood Society, a charitable trust, have signed an agreement to deposit the Collingwood Collection in the Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR) in the University Library Service.Valued at £2,150,000, this unique archive will be accessible for teaching and research in a secure, climate controlled environment.The collection comprises a wide variety of unique materials, including rare signed books dating from the sixteenth century, thousands of postcards, legal documents, photographs, sketches, paintings, thousands of letters dating from the eighteenth century, and diaries spanning three centuries. Get to know your options for VCE, VET and VCAL available through Collingwood College and Fitzroy High School’s shared Senior Programs for 2018 with our comprehensive Senior Programs Guide!This shared program guide is a symbol of the two school’s continued commitment to provide the best senior school opportunities for both student communities. Learn about the latest hairstyles and trends and enjoy entertaining sports posts.

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Please note, there must be at least 12 children for the program to run.

2018 enrolment forms are required for all children attending.

Progressive, student-centred teaching and learning approaches at primary and secondary level are offered, including VCE and Design options for senior students.

Collingwood's Town Hall is your source for municipal information including details on your Mayor and Council, staff contacts, agendas and minutes and much more. Town Hall is located at 97 Hurontario Street, under the clock tower.

Ph: 03 9416 2820 Mb: 0438 205 224 Post: PO Box 168, Richmond VIC 3121 Email: The college is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to be able to buy and sell their second-hand textbooks and other student resources.

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