Cheap charming dates singles dating revolution

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Cheap charming dates singles dating revolution

Serena Altschul checks out the history and artistry of Hanukkah lamps. COVER STORY: Trading a grocery store trip for home delivery | Watch Video Online grocery sales have increased 15% since 2015, while meal kits mailed to your home are taking off. For more info: ART: Curating a museum’s menu | Watch Video Visitors who feast their eyes at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art can also feast on reproductions of classic dishes by the world’s greatest chefs. For more info: SUPERFOODS: Turmeric, the spice of life | Watch Video One of the most talked-about superfoods is being tested for medicinal use against a variety of diseases, from Alzheimer’s and diabetes to cancer. For more info: RESTAURANTS: Chef Rene Redzepi and the transformation of Noma | Watch Video His Copenhagen restaurant has been consistently named the world’s best -- and now he’s shutting it down, with a new plan in mind. For more info: MO ROCCA: The Cheese Nun | Watch Video Mother Noella, of the Abbey of Regina Laudis, practices the sacred art of cheesemaking.

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Art by the numbers (Video)Critics sniffed, but paint by numbers was a popular fad in the 1950s.Or, in the case of David Moore and his daughter, Jami, 154 of them.But their impressive collection -- the product of a father and daughter’s loving tradition -- isn’t as massive as the Jewish Museum’s in New York City.FROM THE ARCHIVES: An ode to scarecrows (Video)In this poem which was originally broadcast on “Sunday Morning” October 28, 1984, Charles Osgood pays homage to the scarecrow, in all its festive incarnations, as found at the Nut Tree Harvest Festival in Vacaville, Calif.For more info: The Cubs, who have not played in a World Series since 1945, and have not won a World Series in 108 years, are now battling the Cleveland Indians for the title of Champions of the World.For more info: | Watch Video Conor Knighton continues his trek through our National Parks, visiting the only U. The magnitude 6.6 tremblor was the strongest to hit the nation in 35 years. HEADLINES: FBI head’s letter “deeply troubling” (Video)A defiant Hillary Clinton is criticizing FBI director Jame Comey’s controversial letter to Congress, just days before the election, saying the agency is investigating a new batch of emails belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin and which are said to number in the thousands.

Jeff Pegues reports a new search warrant has still not been obtained.

“Sunday Morning” contributor Bill Flanagan reflects on his career and his haunting music.

ELECTION 2016: Nancy Giles: Time to get to work Nearly 100 million people did not bother to vote, making that “more perfect union” a more distant prospect.

To mark the hobby’s 50th anniversary, the works of amateur, number-aided artists were honored with an exhibition - the most comprehensive ever - at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Bill Geist meets the inventor of paint-by-numbers, Dan Robbins, and curator William “Larry” Bird, as well as aficionado Trey Speegle, who shows off his personal collection of hundreds of paint-by-numbers canvases. | Watch Video Sometimes the old ways still work best, and Everard Hall may be the best testament to that.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Mount Rushmore National Park COVER STORY: | Watch Video When it comes to the presidential election, there’s one thing many Americans can actually agree on: by Wednesday it should be over.