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Chat arabe smile

The use of "pure Turkic" words may be employed as an expression of nationalism or as a linguistic "simplification".

Anne is a widely published author and a popular guest on radio and television talk shows nationally. Most of the French loanwords are still widely used in today's Turkish.* Words that are still used in modern Turkish together with their new Turkish counterparts.Middle Eastern, Arabic and African music & information, including local artists and a calendar of related cultural events and festivals, thriving to close the gap between cultures and explore the uniting power of the arts. The weekday mid-morning show_ Nimmy serves up a generous helping of entertainment complete with tongue-in-cheek chat, cooking recipes, celebrity gossip, competitions… While most of the words introduced into the language in this process were newly derived from existing Turkish verbal roots, TDK also suggested using old Turkish words which had not been used in the language for centuries; like yanıt, birey, gözgü.

Some words were used before language reform too but they were used much less than the Persian ones.

Many of the loanwords (especially the Arabic, Persian and French ones) are still widely used today, though decreasing in tendency.

Historically, Arabic was the language of the mosque and Persian was the language of education.

→ now it is payback time for the residential developers that have made big profits from building those apartment blocks, as they are being pressured to help the city meet the demand for more affordable housing.

Contemporary Turkish includes Ottoman Turkish loanwords—mostly of Persian and French, but also Arabic, Greek, and Italian origin—which were officially replaced with their Turkish counterparts suggested by the Turkish Language Association (Turkish: , TDK) as a part of the cultural reforms—in the broader framework of Atatürk's Reforms—following the foundation of Republic of Turkey.

Some words were taken from rural areas but most of them had different meanings, like ürün.

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