Are robert rodriguez and rose mcgowan still dating

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The new VF piece details Mc Gowan alleging Rodriguez used the information about her alleged 1997 rape by Weinstein against her while shooting a scene in which a man, played by Quentin Tarantino, attacks her character."It is unfortunate that Vanity Fair reporter Evgenia Peretz did not reach out to me for comment or clarification, even after my widely reported statement in October 2017 regarding Rose Mc Gowan and Harvey Weinstein," Rodriguez said Thursday in a statement.

' It was laughable, but in the moment, the situation was no laughing matter.I knew right then that every word Rose told me was true, you could see it all over his face.” , which was the first to report allegations against Weinstein on October 5, Mc Gowan reached a 0,000 settlement with the media mogul.She is among the dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct in recent weeks.Rose Mc Gowan has presented startlingly different picture about the making of "Planet Terror" than director Robert Rodriguez painted in an op/ed for Variety in October.In preparing for the release of her tell-all book "Brave," Mc Gowan told Vanity Fair in a lengthy interview that Rodriguez used the information about her alleged 1997 rape by Harvey Weinstein against her while shooting his half of 2007 pulp horror movie "Grindhouse," a double feature Quentin Tarantino also directed a film for."Even with Rodriguez, as brutal as it was, it was all gathering data," she told Vanity Fair.

Robert Rodriguez has claimed there are "key factual errors" in Vanity Fair's "really disappointing" Rose Mc Gowan article, which portrays the actress as exploited and betrayed by the movie director while making "Planet Terror." On Wednesday, Mc Gowan presented a startlingly different picture about the making of the 2007 horror movie -- one half of double feature "Grindhouse," executive produced by Harvey Weinstein -- than Rodriguez painted in an op-ed back in October as allegations against Weinstein were just starting to come to light.The crew probably thought we were having sex in there, but no, I was being terrorized. RR ripped the wire off me and stormed out of the trailer and back tot he set." According to Mc Gowan, she had to get right back to work after that, filming the movie for another six hours."If they gave out Oscars for pain and suffering," she said, "I'd have been a shoo-in." A publicist for Rodriguez wasn't immediately available for comment Thursday, but previously referred Too Fab to an earlier statement when excerpts of Mc Gowan's book were released."As one of the first victims to come forward with stories of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein, Rose Mc Gowan is a very brave woman who I applaud for speaking out about Weinstein’s repulsive behavior," he said in October."Today over 50 remarkable women have come forward to detail the horrors they endured.She writes that he threatened to fire her from the project multiple times, but one time really stood out.