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He recalls a hall, with dark lights, full of people. He would also bring in books (history, Robin Hood and William Tell) music and other “stuff”.He recalls that “Jimmy” was like a PE Teacher as he was fit and would help out with fitness during his visits.

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He would bring a projector and they would watch films at Roecliffe Manor The Informant refers to having to drink milk at night and states ‘I think it was drugged’. …had us cuddling him and kissing him” in front of everyone.He stated that “Jimmy” would take him, and a girl called April (who after a while stopped coming), .The Informant was given half a crown by “Jimmy” so that he could go to get something to eat.Cada semana lanzamos nuevas promociones, si quieres enterarte de ellas antes que nadie suscríbete a nuestro newsletter semanal. Estamos a tu disposición a través del teléfono 943 410 776 o en el e-mail [email protected] cualquier duda o información que necesites sobre nuestras promociones. Besides car games, we offer a lot of car-related categories such as parking, truck and bike games.He did not know what the groups discussed, therefore.

He also recalls being taken to a rock or a big stone by “Jimmy” and also took him and April to another hospital which had a Viking’s name (which he thought was Saxondale (see further discussion below).

According to the Police note of the interview with the Informant, this advert elicited 47 responses, although no detail was provided of what these responses were.

According to the note, the Informant had also received a threatening telephone call from someone accusing him of stirring up trouble.

The Lead Investigator focused her investigation from 1959 until the late 1960s, therefore. This organisation bought the Roecliffe Manor building in 1972 from the Leicester and County Convalescent Homes Society. The Lead Investigator established that The Children’s Society owned and ran another children’s home in the village of Woodhouse Eaves called Charnwood House.

An interviewee had advised the Lead Investigator that sometimes children from Charnwood House and Roecliffe Manor played together at fetes. The Lead Investigator further established that the County Council undertook an investigation into Child Protection concerns in Children’s Homes in the Leicestershire area in the 1980s The children who resided at Roecliffe Manor came mainly from the counties of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

The Informant also recalls “Jimmy” taking the Informant, and April/Elizabeth to a “rock” or a large stone for a picnic.

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