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Anonymous sex slave chat - Chatvideofree

" Clark responded, "Sounds good but I have many rules you will need to follow, and I won't let you back out once we start." "I promise I will do whatever you want! I am so horny I just want his cock and I would do anything to get it. From now on when you're home I want you naked and available at any time I want you! My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum in anticipation of what I thought was going to happen.

To control the actions use the graphic panel on the left side of the screen, then click on the green arrows and symbols to perform the fuck actions. Try to score as many points as you can to find and watch the hidden scenes!

Uncensored role playing lets you explore each and every one of your deepest, dirtiest fantasies, as well as those of other members you will meet and have sex with!

This manga has been categorized as for 'Adult (R18)', therefore may contain intense violent, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not appropriate for underage viewers.

" Nervously I replied, "Yes master." Clark said, "Good, now why haven't you offered me a blowjob yet? I hadn't been fucked for several weeks and its been a long time since I had a cock the size of Clark's in my ass.

I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, which sent shivers up my spine. I looked over my shoulder and seen him taking his hard cock out of his pants.

His cock was now pounding my ass fast and hard and I could feel his balls slapping my ass with every thrust.

I could tell he was getting close and then I felt his cock stiffen and start twitching.I'm in charge, if I want you to get cleaned up I will tell you. I wondered if he wanted me to sit on his car seat with cum all over my balls and legs, but I didn't dare ask.I opened the door and noticed there was a towel spread over the seat, now I knew and was glad I didn't ask. I was getting nervous riding naked in a vehicle and I started thinking what did I get myself into. I was naked and vulnerable and there really was no way out but on the other hand I was having a good time getting fucked by Clark's big cock. We drove for at least 2 hours into a town I have never been to before.I reached down between my legs and began fondling my cock. You are only allowed to touch yourself or cum if I give you permission!" I let go of my cock and then I felt his cock head push against my asshole.It was now an actual turn on, and I decided to jerk off thinking about what happened.

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