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Therefore, I can call upon memories to make my acting more realistic.

Shawn wore Wrangler dress pants and a cream western shirt with vest, with both him and the groomsmen in cowboy hats and boots.Real Style: Can you describe your wedding dress and how you chose it?Amber Marshall: I like to think of the dress I chose as elegant, vintage and country.Most people are happy with just one wedding per year, but Heartland star Amber Marshall gets to say “I do” twice this year, as she is walking down the aisle months before her character Amy Fleming is scheduled to get married on television. Amber Marshall: Western, country, and a little vintage.Real Style had the chance to chat with Amber Marshall, star of the CBC series brings us into the world of Amy Fleming, a young woman with a passion for horses. I rode in sidesaddle to the ceremony on my black horse, Hawk.Amber Marshall: I find a lot of Heartland storylines cross paths with or mirror my own life.

It makes my job easier I guess when I get to experience the storylines in real life prior to having to act them out!

Amber Marshall: There are some laughs, some tears and some heartfelt moments as always.

Amy is strong on her horse-healing path after some moments of doubt in the first episode that she may have lost her touch. Real Style: Was the on screen engagement at the same time as your real life just a fun coincidence?

It was like having a sister there." The low-key bride wanted her guests to feel completely at ease, which meant leaving stiff formal wear and stilettos at home.

"Some people wore jeans and boots, full western attire," she says.

Amber Marshall: I live my life very close to how Amy lives hers.