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The house is large, according to friends, and the man cave adorned with Iverson’s framed All-Star Game jerseys and magazine covers.But it is nowhere near the size of his Villanova mansion.

They just can’t run up and down the court for 82 games with John Wall.” This summer Cube and Kwatinetz, along with former Raiders CEO Amy Trask and ex–NBA players’ association executive Roger Mason, are unveiling BIG3, a half-court three-on-three league with eight teams whose rosters read like a 2003 All-Star team: Kenyon Martin, Mike Bibby, Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Corey Maggette.But what if they played half-court for 10 games, spread across 10 weeks, and the games were 25–30 minutes instead of 48?What if three players were on each team rather than five, easing congestion and contact, emphasizing skill over strength?“I used to stay out until six in the morning, go to shootaround at nine and play that night at seven.I could do anything I wanted as long as I got a quick little nap before the game.” You give him 20 minutes and he’d give you 40 points. ponders such a job description, he looks as if he is choking on a chicken bone.“Just like that, it’s over, and you’re telling me he’s not a baller no more? “I’m talking about the guys who aren’t going to change what’s inside,” Cube says, “and conform to what everybody wants them to be.” With that, 42-year-old Allen Iverson bounds down the first-floor hallway in sweats and diamonds, past black-and-white photographs of Frank Zappa, Sam Smith and Alabama Shakes.

His ubiquitous braids are hidden under a stocking cap and a minor league baseball hat.“He can take it from coach, but when daddy tells, he thinks daddy is being hard on him because he was an NBA player and a scoring champion. It’s like I’m telling him to clean up his room.” Straddling the thin line that separates guidance from criticism, Iverson sounds like a typical suburban father, which in itself is sort of a miracle. In actuality, I won’t, because I’m wrapped around their finger.” Sitting on a leather couch at Capitol Records in late May, where he is shooting promo spots for BIG3, Iverson has finished reflecting on crossovers and fadeaways.Allen and Tawanna started dating when they were 16, prom sweethearts from rival high schools in Virginia’s Hampton Roads, and as newlyweds police were called to their house after a fight. What he yearns to discuss, it seems, is his ex-wife. I used to tell the media, ‘When I’m 40, I won’t make the same mistakes.’ Damn lie. Iverson, which is the title I always wanted her to have.” In early June, Allen Iverson walked into Brayboy Gymnasium at Johnson C.He shoots on a hoop in the driveway with his 13-year-old son, Isaiah, reminding the boy to pause before free throws.“It’s hard to take constructive criticism from dad,” Iverson laments.Today’s NBA is both an extension of Iverson, with all its trigger-happy guards, and a rejection, as teams avoid isolation, prize efficiency and analyze rest habits more than a newborn’s parents.

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