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Perhaps the next time will be even sweeter and the relationship will bloom into a full-blast romance.

Past lunchtime, after wandering around the city, I decided to just revisit the nearby beaches and resorts along the coast of after.

I narrowed my choices down to , which offered the cheapest rate I had found so far.

In the end, I found myself in one of the non air-conditioned rooms with common bath and toilet at Mercedes Country lodge.

Alternatively you may rent a tricycle from the city to have your own private transport to the island and back.

If you decide to drop by at Bacon District to check out its beaches, you can either transfer to another jeepney en route to Sawanga or rent a boat from here to Paguriran Island, about 40 minutes’ ride.

All I could remember from then was shallow crystal clear waters that stretch a long way out from the shore.

Mangrove Area I boarded a passenger jeepney from the city proper and alighted at , the former town center of Bacon District, expecting to start my sojourn here.

Upon chatting with a fellow passenger however, I learned that the last trip on the way back to Sorsogon City was around p.m., which didn’t give me much time to explore around.

It was already past two in the afternoon so I was left with no choice but to set off for , which I had just learned about then from another helpful passenger.

I was actually hoping to get some information on how to go to , a mountainous area that features the picturesque Botong Twin Falls, scenic walking trails and several lakes.

Unfortunately, the person in charge at the tourism office was on leave, and she was the only one with the contact numbers of those who arrange for guides and pick-ups of guests.

I was very pleased to learn that it could be accessed by land as well, because most of the information I found online suggested a boat ride from .